Will T.I. support the NFL? Constitutional Rights and Silent Protests | BETX 2018
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Will T.I. support the NFL? Constitutional Rights and Silent Protests | BETX 2018

September 10, 2019

So I’m sure you know there’s obviously the Super Bowl will be held in Atlanta next year it will. Aight, your Falcons guna be there? Yeah man ummm…. See listen right, it’s real tough Because I have. I have made a conscious decision not to support to support the NFL this year Well explain what went into that decision and why you decided to do that. Ah man I think there’s a violation of constitutional rights is being implemented to minority players who choose to have a peaceful silent protest. I know that when well first of all it’s paid patriotism because they’re paying the NFL to do the national anthem so it’s not really because you doing it for the love of country you doing it for a check. So. It’s just it’s really like you want us to shut up and take what we take what we get coming to us in our communities and that’s just not acceptable and if that’s what you think about us? Why should we like really spend our money and show our extreme support of your corporation. And that does not just for them that’s for any Corporation and I feel like for us man like the power that we have and I know that with as many lives as we lose and as much disregards we have with the law and as many times you just see us You know physically abused verbally abused accosted I know it seems like we’re powerless but we have power we just don’t recognize it. The power. The power that we have isn’t dollars will we place our dollars. US as a consumer base we are the largest consumer base which means we support companies and turn them into Fortune 500 companies make them billions of dollars and we have the least amount of ownership or participation so if and the corporations they control the politicians so politicians controlled the police Corporation control the politician if the policeman won’t listen the politicians won’t listen. We gotta go to the corporations stop spending out dollars with them until they press the politicians who press the police to do what we need to do they respect their lives they consider us as equals earth they don’t deserve. Our dollars. You sound like you’re ready to lead the revolution TI you ready to lead. If won’t nobody else do it I will. I mean you know the only thing about the revolution uh the only thing about the revolution is it ain’t goin be pretty you know saying. It might be some people got to do some things that you might not want to see done. And they ain’t going to always face you know. Face a favorable opinion all the time and I’m not really one who alway I always want to present myself in a manner that I can consistently maintain. So you see me and this is how I am today you see me tomorrow this Imma be in it don’t matter whether I’m on the frontline of the protest or whether we at Magic City throwin one’s or you know or whether I’m in Roscos I’m gonna steal I’ma keep the same energy. And if this energy don’t necessarily fit every position or situation that why I gotta be very careful where I place myself but because when people want you to be a role model. You know this. That’s excellent and it’s an honor I heard Pac say and it was like one of the realest things I ever heard Being a role model I rather be a real model. Cuz the role model a role model you just playing a role you know what I’m sayin I don’t never want to make it make it look like something to you that it ain’t for real so good and bad up or down this is me you know I’m saying. And I think I think that’s I think that’s more important that’s how I can that’s how I can keep from letting people down by just always being me and being honest about who I am always give you 100% of me. That’s the word right there be a real model not a role model I heard that way I think a lot of people in this room probably everybody in this room are very happy the fact that sure they’re real model alright. So TI we want to thank you for taking the time out again everybody please watch his new show the grand hustle I’m real curious as to see who winds up coming on top in that show so and continuing to much success And keep being out here. Well thank you and you ey listen and you have been a I mean a real trailblazer. Rebelon behalf of us and you have a incredible, incredibly large platform and you know you put it on the line to speak your mind and you know I salute you for that too. Thank you I appreciate that. We appreciate you as well. thank you all right takes one to know one real, real recognizes real alright thank you all for joining us thanks to you I give him another.

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  1. That's real T.I im down i do the dirty work for my people what ever it takes to get my people what they want .

  2. I wish y'all could get Jemele and Cari to work for the network full time. They are both beautiful black women who are great real models for young black girls coming up

  3. After/While selling the black community drugs, death and destruction through his music from the back door. Now from the front door you accept T.I. (Tiffany Harris) as your revolutionary leader, GTFOOH!!!!!

  4. Good god what an idiot. So he’s boycotting a league that man more millionaires out of young black men than an other industry? Second, white people pay the damn bills in this country and always have. We fill the stands, buy jerseys, and whites are who advertisers are marketing to during games. Finally, you don’t get to do whatever the hell you want to do, peaceful or otherwise at work. If your actions hurt prophets as they did in the NFL you are subject to termination. Blacks, stop playing the damn victim. If you feel oppressed in America and want to know who’s holding you back, go look in the mirror.

  5. Umm NFL are majority African American… Boycotting the NFL will effect the players not owners lol I’m just sayin

  6. This guy's an idiot the players are at their employment you cannot do this while you are working at your job you can get fired for this Common Sense idiot

  7. At the same time Go protest the real issue black on black crime as much as the truth hurts they don't care about your feelings the whole thing is crap more whites get assaulted by police a year. The league is 70% black but you don't hear people crying about that. Go protest the real issues and then people would probably listen you can sit here and cry about it all day but that's the truth the truth hurts sometimes


  9. Yo TI , heres a shout out ,from those of us who have already boycotted the NFL to protest against the players ,with many more to follow . Thanks for your support ! You so smart.

  10. This is the kind of bravery we Afrikans needs in our financially blessed people among us. Much respect to brother TI and those like him. Continue to lead us brother. Nothing wrong with leading, just don’t MISlead us. We’ve had too much of that.

  11. My goodness! All this vitriol for black people when we start putting our best interest first! Well, too bad! Middle fingers up for all y’all selfish haters! We’ve given this country way too much anyway.

  12. I ane do nuffin'….oh, hold up….ain that the gorilla looking ho that called my President a white supremacist? looks where she b now….lol. on BET….oh how the mighty have fallen….. lmfao

  13. if blacks love blacks soooo much, then why are they slaughtering each other like hot cakes? they're their own worst enemies….

  14. Exudes intelligence oh gosh this much literacy should be the standard for each young representative of our generation leaving their residence each & everyday. Passionate Calm Collected On Point Independently Reforming the accepted narrative, Respectable Boss Mover & Shaker Actions. As Black Father Figure I commend your insights on the great significance of Fatherhood.
    You real dope of course
    Your articulations ain’t never off course
    As father figure you’ve become a resource
    For our future father’s discourse
    Dismissing the common narrative

    Stay positive paper chaser
    Transformation to a wise leader
    Reimagining our future destinations
    Employing positive perceptions
    It’s in the DNA mature conflict resolutions
    You Dope absolute giving our generation real hopes, upending agendas of counterfeit brutes

    You have my ears,
    Stay on top visionary paradigm

  15. Haha. That's fine. Don't support the NFL. So what did minorites and supporters of the protests say when conservatives and supporters of the national anthem said we were not going to support the NFL as long as these "protests" were going on? They said "bye bye!". 😂😂😂 The NFL will do just fine. There are more of us than there are of you. The NFL is in better hands now.

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