Will Trudeau win? Canadian Politics Explained In Less Than Two Minutes
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Will Trudeau win? Canadian Politics Explained In Less Than Two Minutes

October 8, 2019

Very soon there’s going to be an election
in Canada So as a result people want to know more about
Canadian politics, who the main figures are and how elections work in Canada
so let’s get to it- start your timers In Canada as an ex colony of the UK, much
of its government is modelled on the westminster parliamentary system
So for example Canada is still a constitutional monarchy, the head of state is still the Queen
Although like the situation in the UK she has little real power
As well as this the way Canada elects its government is very similar to the way it works
in Britain. Both countries have a House of Commons, that
is elected via an electoral system called First Past the post,
Which is where voters in a single area, called a riding in Canada and a constituency in the
UK Vote for one candidate
And the candidate who receives the most votes becomes the MP for that area.
However Canada is more of multi party democracy than the UK Although due to the First past the post system
it trends towards a two party system. The two main parties in Canada are the Conservative
Party and the Liberal party The Liberal party is centre left and led by
the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Whereas The conservative party is centre right
and its leader is Andrew Scheer Other parties exist as well including the
New Democratic Party which is more to the left of Trudeau’s Liberals
and the Bloc Quebecois that wants the province of Quebec to become a sovereign independent
country. there’s also the Green party an environmentalist
party Topics that have come to the fore in the lead
up to this election include Justin Trudeau’s wearing of blackface,
Canada’s relationship with the USA in the era of Trump
And Trudea’s proposed oil pipeline, and what that means in a time when climate change
is seen as an impending threat. Thanks for listening to my summary of Canadain
politics and how elections work in Canada, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe

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  1. Seems to me that it’s Turdeau in the glorious Soviet Republic of Kanukistan who has his KGB (Mounties) detain members of the press and his Pravda (lick spit CBC) spreading (and not producing) the “truth” of the LibTurd message.
    … good job by the Turdeau campaign on refusing “accreditation” to veteran journalist, Andrew Lawton.
    … even better job by Turdeau’s RCMP goons to push senior (30 year) graduate of School of Journalism reporter, David Menzies to the ground at yesterday’s Trudeau Boxing photo op as David asked a question.
    … great job by CBC to not report:
    1. the assault on an elderly woman in at a PPC event in Hamilton
    2. the kicking in the head to an elderly man at a Halifax PPC rally by Antifa
    Choose Forward?
    more like:
    … I could’a been a contender,
    … I could’a been somebody,
    … but just look at me,
    … I’m just a Bum!
    Justine Turdeau

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