Without the INF Treaty the World Is a Far More Unpredictable Place, Here Is Why
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Without the INF Treaty the World Is a Far More Unpredictable Place, Here Is Why

December 3, 2019

To understand why dumping the INF Treaty is so dangerous, it’s important to understand why the treaty was signed in the first place. The National Interest explains why intermediate-range missiles are a great way of starting an all-out nuclear war without ever intending to If President Donald Trump goes through with his threat to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, he will make a serious mistake that will not only destabilize European security and undermine NATO, but could lead to dangerous consequences for strategic nuclear stability between the United States, Russia and China. During the Cold War, the superpowers both decided to field systems that filled the gap between the use of small battlefield nuclear weapons and the horror of a strategic nuclear exchange by creating a class of “intermediate” weapons that could conduct nuclear war in the European theatre, but without reaching the U.S. and Soviet heartlands— at least not immediately. The problem, of course, is that one man’s “intermediate-range” weapon is another man’s “strategic” weapon. Putting aside war-gaming delusions about sustainable command and control, such strikes would be hard to discriminate from strategic strikes, and catastrophic escalation would be all but certain. Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev solved this problem by leaving both battlefield and strategic arms in place but severing the link between them that could lead too quickly to general nuclear war. Critics of the original treaty decried this as undermining NATO’s security, but in reality nothing had changed: The Soviet Union still had conventional superiority, and NATO still had a doctrine of nuclear first-use in the event of invasion.

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  1. The U.S. Congress does not realise the seriousness of Russia and Putin when it comes to nukes. They think that they will be able to keep pushing Russia to it's limits. They think that they will win the war in case of the war. They don't think that they are wrong…

  2. But what about China? That's the point US want to make… US Russia is not the only super power. China already better equipped than Russia. There must be a new treaty like there must be a new members in the UN… World has changed a lot

  3. There is one good Russian proverb: Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Do not open Pandora’s box

  4. Prey amirica, prey! All you remain is pray for your God. This is written at all your bills. So so you are paying to them.

  5. Europe will be worst than Syria .
    Time to eat peanuts and watch how these Europeans would defend their lands by fighting Russia and China who will wipe out Europe from the map .

  6. There will be no winners in an atomic war. In the event of an atomic war with Russia, the automatic system Perimeter in Western Europe and the USA is known as Dead Hand, leading to a nuclear winter and the death of all living things. I would like to hope that the Yankees are not as stupid as they seem, and will not unleash this war. Otherwise, 8,000 rockets will end human civilization.

  7. Trump is a puppet like all their presidents. Its the zionists who want it coz world is escaping from their trechery and hegemony and Russia, China and other nations are standing strong against them. Dont worry, their end is near.

  8. Look this is very bad for Russia . Period. The US has the moral high ground. Russia has short range nukes aimed at US and NATO bases . The comments are ridicules. The US can build Aegis Ashore all across Europe . The US can deploy short Range Nukes by the dozens in Poland and Romania minutes from Russia . The deployment will be insured by the thousands of Tanks in the Baltics and a ten to one aircraft advantage also the Trident II D5 low yield warheads on the Ohio Class. The US can spend billions of dollars on overlapping air defense systems. The US can give Ukraine nukes . The US and NATO can sanction and boycott trade with Russia. The Kremlin is not going to accept the functional end of Russian economy. Putin and Ti need to negotiate a new verifiable treaty . China has no restrictions and can place nukes on any ship or base they seem fit while the US can not. The US though ridicules restrictive treaties with a third world economy has left the US behind China in deployed short range Nukes. Trump will not accept this and he now has an excuse to build thousands of new nukes to force Russia and China to the bargaining table. Get over it. The US got rid of the girly American last leader and got a real man with balls the size of Putins head .

  9. 😕 Both WW 1 & 2 were fought in Europe, and WW3 as "they" had had planned should had happened not so long after WW2 ended, but it didn't happen to be large scale war. Some said it did happen in shape of "cold war".

    So, I believe WW3 will be fought in Europe again next time (maybe started with US & Israel attack Iran or Ukraine & NATO attack Russia, of course they next pretext to launch such large scale war), and as I believe it will be Nuke war 🚀🚀🚀… That will be the war before the last battle between the false messiah and Jesus PBUH taking place in middle east.

    Look, nobody want a nuke war because the devastation would be colossal. However the Evil Zionist seems doesn't mind to either destroy or annihilate whoever in their way to create "The Greater Israhell".

    Just my 2 cents 😾

  10. Ahh russian are scared, becous they know we would demolish them easy! everyday this new channel and russian rt ar only making video's against europa and russia lol, and now watch european news nobody talks about russia, they are no danger to us whit there ww2 weapons ahahahaha bring it on filty balkan fools

  11. Why do you think NATO expanded and included little useless countries!? More and more targets for Russia to consider! IMF treaty doesn't matter to the u.s., they are too far away from it's range! The dumb vassal countries are becoming the target by accepting this doctrine!😎

  12. I encourage Pres Putin and the Russian MOD do not use these advanced Nuclear weaponry as all Of Europe will be wiped out. Pres Trump is addressing an issue with the treaty which must be respected at a leadership level. Kindly use restraint in the process. I write with concern.

  13. I'm sure the Russian military,Vladimir Putin and the rest of Russian people doesn't want war nor seek to destroy other country as long as they stay peaceful towards Russia,it is the deep state and warmonger politicians that are pushing this WW3 narratives and sadly many ignorant people still support it.
    Keep going Russia, the people of Indonesia support you!!

  14. Россия соснет хуйца,как всегда
    P.S. этот канал путинской пропаганды.

  15. This is the plan!
    USA is in huge debt which is impossible to pay back!

    So best option for the Zionist regime is,
    Control Middle East, cause tension between Europe and Russia,

    Let Israel be the king in Middle East,
    USA be the world government!

    Oh I forgot there is China which will be pain in the ass for USA.

    I don’t know what Zionists have planned for China!

    Oh yeah! Go nuclear against Korea and cause China a refugee problems.

    Sounds like a good evil plan! Hmm 🤔

  16. If the Americans hope to sit out overseas, while Europe is at war, then this is a great folly. A rocket from any NATO country = A rocket in the direction of the NATO organizer – the United States.

  17. ©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant 💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍

    Arms race to feed the Military Industrial Complex moronic meglomaniacal goofball President.

  18. Give back stolen territories and leave Ukrainians alone

    Ukraine gave up all nukes to the Russians with peomise of leaving them alone

    A treaty with Russians is good to use as toilet paper

  19. I was born two weeks before Cuba crisis, two Km from
    our house was a American base with nuclear bombs, in 1983 I was in Germany with
    American troupes exercising, this was also 50/50 change  on nuclear war. So I escaped two times, but I
    see this time no change, people will never ever change, only when it’s too
    late. Yes, humans your time has come:
    greed, war, discrimination, hate, pollution will soon end. By the way, warming
    up the planet is one problem, BUT rotation and axis will change and will have
    far more impact. I knew this already 20 years ago that this would happen,
    it’s just mathematics, every year it speeds up temperature (x2). But doesn’t
    matter; there are endless universes, dimensions and lifeforms. We will never
    learn from the past and we are not rational beings.

  20. There is a You tube video by Borzikmann showing that recently Russian EW System Krasukha 4 penetrated and hacked Israeli Anti missile system Irondome. The results were Israeli missiles flying haywire and exploding. With a little more effort these Israeli missiles could be made to strike at US military aircraft. Then Russia could accuse Israel of shooting down US military aircraft! What a diplomatictic coup. 🐲🐾😁

  21. Putin and Trump are trolling the world. Both sides are ignoring the treaty, moving forward with R&D in prep for deployment, because there is a need. Technology has made the old satellite systems worthless and new, serviceable platforms are required for self defense. They will not get support or money without playing the old game. Putin's quip about the eagle eating the olives almost made Boulton pee his pants. I guess his answer should have been, "that goes double for you". Russia has an eagle too!

  22. So why do the real Rulers of the US want to break the Treaty? So they can sell more of their very expensive nuclear weapons to the American taxpayers. Read the lyrics to Bob Dylan's "Masters Of War" and Black Sabbath's "War Pigs". The puppet-politicians in "Congress" and the "Senate" always obey their Billionaire Masters.

  23. Nothing's going to happen! Never does. For the last 100 year's this same shots been going on. No one's stupid enough to use nukes.

  24. First USA should be honest and fair but they are not so any treaty won't work. This is the basic truth.

  25. If Russia perceives it is under attack (about to be annhilated), Russia will fire all of its arsenal at Europe and America. Regardless of which country is specifically targeted it is the end of the human race. Only a handful of humans who have the security of Bunkers storing supplies including food for each person in the Bunkers for over a hundred years will live. I don't want to die like that.

  26. American politicans are insane,and a vast majority of their citizens are ignorant of just how serious the situation really is because they choose to listen to their zionist controled media that tells them lies lies and more lies its really sad because they are the only ones that can stop whats coming and they wont stop it by voting!!

  27. Which is why I am telling the Americans now, and once again that if they do not want nuclear war, then they need to lynch mob and kill their fellow Neo-Cons in office. Civil War is the only thing that can delay WW3 further. Don't wait for the government to solve your problems. Get off your asses, and assess the situation yourselves. Which I highly doubt you will…

  28. But when one's goals are to destroy the world it leaves little options for the rest of the world, and apparently that's where we are today, just another sad reality

  29. If I were living in Romania, Poland or anywhere else housing interceptors, I would be looking for a new place to live.  Putin made very clear he was concerned about the US swapping offensive weapons into those batteries.  The exact same kind of missiles this treaty prevented being deployed.

  30. SKMilNetspokesperson, I am not anyone's agent but my own and never have been. I am a retired typewriter (obsolete) mechanic, who's physical disabilities have confined me to a chair and who watches too much youtube. Everything is public. Evil has failed to kill me more than once, so I only fear God. I will see Him soon anyway regardless of your threats. Besides, I'm not your enemy. What I am is a born and raised American who was Baptized in a Russian Orthodox Church. Do you really think I want to see American soldiers kill Russian babies? I want peace. But I have a long history with Russians and I learned about them in the same way you learned about Americans. As to understanding, I don't think you understood my comment and I think the Americans you know as disruptors of the world, we call"deep state". Have you noticed the revolution in America? I think they want/need war, but not me. I don't know about you. I do know that you are projecting your anger onto me, something that shows in vulgarities. This is a thing done by people who seek conflict (?) rather than conversation Think Democrats! If the merits of an argument of issue cannot be discussed civilly the conversation is at an end. As is ours. God Bless You.

  31. THE INF treaty banned land based systems which is amazing when you consider that the US had far more air and sea based launchers then USSR did at the time. so this treaty for a long time greatly favored NATO and the US in any case.

  32. Awww dont be scared Russia!! Im sure once you sober up you'll feel much better! We all know all of Europe loves Russia right? Oh…shit…wait…you mean your closest allies are the dusty countries you sold all your rust old weapons to?? Psh we better start shitting our pants guys!!!

  33. So what: the Russians never observe international treaties anyway, so what is the difference except that Russia will not have an advantage since everyone else did observe it? This has been going on since the USSR days. There has not been a change in Russian cheating.

  34. Be careful trump with all your stupid things and your statements. Because bad situations will be coming if you can't stop your!!!!

  35. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The US needs to apply the same rules for all countries. Can't pick which one's to follow this rule and which one's must follow that rule.

  36. usa bring world into cold war part 2. its a shame…. we been confident about peace after soviet falls but seems usa wish war so hard

  37. Arms race is only way Russia can be defeated. US is playing on card that Russia will try to engage in arms race with US where vastly superior economic power of US would most certainly overpower Russia, in such scenario biggest winner would be China.

  38. Sure there’s global warming, getting hit by an asteroid and the Yellowstone Super Volcano but the truth is there is nothing more catastrophic to the human race than a global nuclear war. Why do we need to go down this road?

  39. Treaties are just inked papers, in case a leader makes a dumb move all of them will be cast to side for all out war.

  40. All of these policies come from neocon and neolib maniacs – who are more than just a few among the GOP and Dems in the US – who truly believe that they can win a war with Russia. Russia has a zero sum nuclear policy that involves total annihilation in the event of an invasion of Russia. That is Russia's only strategic advantage, so this is the focus of its military policy.

  41. Trump made the right move the Russians have long been building these missiles so why continue it? Putin thought Trump would fold on nuclear weapons, he was WRONG!!!! Trump is a Patriot and a nationalist and certainly no dummy

  42. America econemy is about to crash again so they will do anything for money, even start a WWIII if it will save their economy

  43. Michael Gorbachev was corrupt politician who doomed Russia & let USA become top power of world. USA is one who used nuke, spread terrorism & played enemy by surrounding Russia to destroy Russia throughout globe.

  44. Meanwhile in Canada…………the Australian government is selling our sovereignty to the globalist corporations.
    We don't want nukes,so a nuclear arms manufacturer can sue our entire country for "Loss of future profits".
    This might sound off-topic,but it isn't.An arms race is the perfect excuse for arms manufacturers to sue countries who don't want to join the arms race.The TPP is being drawn up in Canada as we speak.Australia is lost.

  45. Relax people. This will get fixed. Talks will happen at the beginning of 2019 here in the U.S. No war is coming. Relax.

  46. Here's a bright idea why don't US and Russia pick their strongest men and do a gladiator battles to minimize the casualties

  47. Who dare to war with Russia one to one, i think no one dare, so they group up and called themself strong, it's not strong it's coward..

  48. still this is not fast enough, i want a real fucking nuclear war between amerikkkan people vs russia/china before christmas…………. i really really need to see this happen in real life.
    amerikkkan people want to die, trust me, they just can't kill themselves and need some help from other countries to do it.
    all 350 million EVILs and their children want to die.
    i recommend amerikkkan military to strike the russians and chinese at the same time before christmas so that amerikkkan people can feel the full impact of their wish.
    but on the good side, this is awesome how the break down of treaties protecting both russia and amerikkka is coming to an end.
    at least it will guarantee war is inevitable and is only a matter of time.
    thank GOD.

  49. Russia has been flagrantly violating the terms of the INF for years, with the West too timid to confront them forcefully about it. As with the behavior of most bullies, Russia pushed as far as it thought it could in cheating on the treaty and got away with it for the most part. The US has finally realized that it can no longer delude itself into believing that Russia wants to peacefully coexist with the West and has to confront the belligerent bully in the East with the only thing it respects, overwhelming force. Back to the Cold War, unfortunately.

  50. Well, that's one way to get rid of merkel and the immigrants. Can one of these reach london? Sweden may be ready for a nucleur solution.

  51. eye on USSR Mr Putin sharia saw attempt in what do not expect happy heard seen find it i don't lie get attention vote beto I hate politic

  52. The United States no longer consider Russia a superpower, and ever since 9/11, the US wants to assert its dominance as the only world superpower and attack middle eastern countries that it views as a potential "threat". In my opinion, the US government is making a mistake. Ever since 9/11, the US government has become arrogant. War is not easy. Vietnam and Iraq proved that.

  53. Why do Russians put super-sharp points on the tips of their missiles? It only works if you can land it right on top of Trump's fake hair!

  54. It's all drama anyway. They always intended nuclear war, that's why all sides created underground cities even China too and many other nations. They know the other planetary system, the "Nemesis system" is incoming, (its approach leads it closely past our Sun that's why they spray chemtrails to hide it's approach. The global warming concept is fabricated) and the "underground cities" the Deep Underground Military Bunkers "D.U.M.B's" serve a two fold purpose. 1) To shelter from the nuclear winter "fallout" and; 2) To survive the mega tsunami's which will occur during the Pole Shift cause by Nibiru (The Nemesis planetary systems biggest celestial body) performing a lithiosphere lock on our planet, "Earth". Nemesis (the 2nd Star/Sun) is passing around our Sun on it's way back out into interstellar space. Perhaps you have all noticed a change in meteorlogical circumstances? Floods, Earthquakes, Tsunami's etc? No?
    For your homework my fellow human beings, please read the letter from General Albert Pike to his Italian Freemasonry/Templar brother Guiseppe Mazzini, titled "3 World Wars". This is what Henry Kissinger spoke of when he said "a generated crisis will bring about a New World Order". It is also what George Bush Snr spoke of when he said "It's a big idea. A New World Order".
    The 700+ mph winds will neutralize the fallout and the luciferian elites who plan WW3 and know the Pole Shift is perfectly timed to "Cull" several billion citizens of planet Earth will emerge to enjoy the benefits of populating the planet below 500, 000 in balance with nature (The Georgia Guidestones), which cost $1,000,000 dollars to make, "a princely sum to pay to deliver a message to mankind". Until next time my fellow humans. (And please "paid trolls") no negative comments please. Go enjoy the last days of your pathetic mortal welfare. Your eternal reward "torture and suffering for eternity awaits".

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