Xiaxue In Parliament?! – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP215
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Xiaxue In Parliament?! – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP215

November 17, 2019

Ok, so, good morning members of the press. Thank you for being here today and today I’ve
decided to hold this press conference because there’s been a lot of questions that everyone’s asking me about why I decided to run for NMP – Nominated Member of Parliament. Alright, so, let’s start. Now I’ll take some questions. Anyone? Yes. So, Ms. Cheng, when accessing candidates the
special select committee will consider whether they have brought honour to Singapore. How you think you have brought honour to Singapore? Oh, that one is easy to answer. Ok, so I’ve brought honour to Singapore,
I think, in many different ways. Firstly, I’m famous. So, that’s honour right? Yes, so… And also, I’m one of the first people to monetise
blogging. So all these influencers that you love and
see today, that everyone love so much, yah, they all started thanks to me. So, how about that! And it’s a thriving billion dollar industry. Also, they do consider whether the candidates
have rendered distinguished public service. Rendered distinguished public service ah? I would say, over the years, my blog has been
free for everyone to read, so I think that’s a public service, kind of like the (message
tone) Oh, sorry, should I turn off my phone? Never mind, just leave it there. Anyway, so, alright, so, yah, over the years,
my blog has been free for everyone to read, I would say that’s like a public service,
kind of like the library? Free also right? Yah. And then, a lot of people have told me that
sometimes they based their GE essays on the way that I write things and everything, so
I think that (phone rings) Sorry! Oh my god, who’s calling me? Oh my god, is it IRAS? No, it’s my mom. Eh, I’m filming something, don’t call me,
bye bye. Text me. I’m back, sorry! Did you cut? No ah? Do you actually think that you have a real
shot at becoming an NMP? Regarding this question, I would say… I don’t really know? Because I don’t think anyone like me has
ever tried to become an NMP. It’s always those very goody two shoes people
la, so definitely no one with pink hair. Or tattoos for that matter, I think. So I’m not sure, I don’t think any one of
them has done plastic surgery. Nobody has been this short either. So, I don’t know. But I am hoping that with the way politics
is nowadays, with reality stars being president and what not, that maybe I would stand a chance? Yeah. But regardless of whether I get appointed
or not, I guess I would just try. What do you have to say to people who think
that you are doing this just for the publicity? I guess it would be kind of dishonest to say
that I haven’t thought about “Hey! This might actually give me some publicity
as well!” You know, that’s why you guys are all here,
not just an empty room, but a lot of you guys are here. You know, asking me questions and everything. Like a real press conference. So, obviously as an Internet person who is
getting on in age, I do need some publicity as well, so, BUT! It’s not entire just for the publicity. Obviously I do want to do some good for Singapore
and I think I have, serious ah, don’t laugh, I have very worthy ideas that I want to share
with people and I think that in general a lot of people think that the government is,
wouldn’t say the word elitist, but more of like kind of aloof and separate from the everyday
person, so I feel like I am very connected to the everyday person because, ok fine, I
don’t do Grassroots, but I am connected via the Internet to them. People leave me comments all the time, tell
me their opinions all the time. So in that sense, I think I have something
to give? In that aspect. And, yah! People have always told me that you have been
famous for so many years, what have you used your influence for? “Great power comes great responsibilities”
Oh my god people always tell me that sentence, so irritating. So ok! So I’m taking on some responsibility now,
and I still get hated for it. Ok so, alright, it’s for publicity I guess. What do you want to say to your critics who
strongly oppose you to become an NMP? I don’t know why people will oppose becoming
an NMP. It sounds like something that has no negative
net effect for them, if you hate PAP, then I guess you would be happy to see when I go
in there and ask them, I assume people will think that I will ask stupid question, so
they would be happy to see that happen. I guess if you like PAP, then it’s still pretty
interesting to see somebody like me with a lot of makeup there in parliament. Wouldn’t that make it more interesting regardless
anyway? It’s like, is always so boring and everyone
is like so serious and asking really really cheem questions, talking really really cheem
stuffs. So sometimes I just wish that there will be
somebody normal there who speaks normally, whom I can understand, and simplify things
for the everyday person. That’s my job. What do you have to say to those who think
you can’t be taken seriously? I guess there are people who think that I
can’t be taken seriously, but they should ask the people that I have written about in
the past before, whether I can be taken seriously. What will you be wearing to parliament if
you become an NMP? I don’t know. Probably blazers? Blazers make people look very serious right? So, I’ll wear blazers. Will you dye your hair black or put on less
makeup to win over the more conservative people? No! I am not going to dye my hair black, I – Stop
asking me that question, that is just not gonna happen. Have you guys watched that episode of Guide
to Life where I actually had black hair? Like literally nobody recognised me. That’s the worst feeling in the world. Can you imagine not being famous? Anyway, so, what has hair got to do with anything! Nothing to do with my abilities, nothing to
do with my opinions, or the validity of the stuff that I’m saying. So, no, I am not going to dye my hair black
and I am not going to tone down my makeup either because I think that this amount of
makeup is perfectly fine, in fact, I think I can do even more. If you go to my YouTube channel – subscribe please,
youtube.com/xiaxue. Ok, ya, so, look at my makeup, I can do even
more than this ok? This is fine. And seriously, we’re in 2018, are you seriously asking
a woman to tone down her makeup? Please! My eyelash got caught. So you don’t care about the conservative people
if they say that “this is too much”? Conservative people ah, if they think that
this is too much, then I think they should grow up la, and stop being so ridiculous. Like, come on. Live in the now. Women wear makeup, deal with it. What steps have you taken so far towards this
goal of becoming an NMP besides just announcing on your social media? Have you done any research, have you talked
to any relevant parties, things like that. I did some research I guess. I looked up what an NMP is supposed to do. I spoke to people who have be NMPs before,
I tried to. Asked them about how to process is like, what
is really involved and yah. I won’t name names, but I spoke to another
NMP person that I know of, who’s not NMP anymore, but then he was just like, “I think you should
wait a few more years and do some more charity and try to be more distinguished ” and I’m
like “you very distinguished meh? You’re not what. You also got chosen.” So ok lor, whatever. Are you afraid of getting caught sleeping
in parliament? Oh my god, that’s a really, really
legit concern. Because sometimes I look at the parliament
stuffs and it’s like it goes on for hours and hours and hours, and you can’t use your
phone! What kind of torture is that? Seriously? So, yah, I guess, that’s really very scary. Maybe I’ll master that makeup where you draw
eyes over your eyelids. Can I wear sunglasses? I don’t think I can. Oh, that sucks. Alright. I’ll just drink 8 cups of coffee before I
go in. Will you be taking any selfies or videos in
parliament? Can take selfies or videos? If can I will. Confirm. Live stream. Would you ask anyone there to be in your photos? I scared. Maybe I’ll ask the more friendly MPs. Definitely not going to ask the Prime Minister
Lee because I’m very scared of bothering him. I don’t know, I don’t think so la! Don’t think they would want to be in selfies
with me, right? Maybe Baey Yam Keng, he likes selfies. If you get selected, what are some of the
main issues you would like to champion in parliament? I would say that I’m more passionate about
issues that are revolving around my life. So the Internet, for one. Freedom of speech on the Internet, that is
one issue that I would love to talk about. Other issues regarding maybe motherhood, parenthood
or women issues? On that note about freedom of speech on the
Internet, what do you think is the solution to the fake news problem? I think that regarding the fake news problem,
we already have a solution, and the solution is called defamation. So if you’re not happy that somebody is saying
fake stuff about you, you should just sue them. I don’t see why we need to deal with it in
any other way. Beyond that I think that some people might
say that suing someone might take too long a time or whatever, but I think that it’s
the Internet. The beautiful thing about it is that everyone
can speak, everyone can publish something. So if somebody says something fake about you
that you don’t agree with, you can just clarify yourself. I don’t really see the problem. So an NMP has to be independent and as non-partisan
as possible, but over the years you seem to have a political leading towards the ruling
party. How would you address this issue? Ok, so firstly, I did show support for PAP
before, in the past, that I’m not going to deny cause it’s open for everyone to see. But over the years I’ve also disagreed with
the things that they have done, so it’s not like I agree with absolutely everything that
they are doing, obviously. But I think that it’s a pretty ridiculous
requirement to ask an NMP to be as non-partisan as possible, what does that even mean? You want a very neutral person? A person who has no opinions about anything? So if a person has no opinion about anything,
then why would the NMP even make speeches at parliament? Everything that NMP is just going to be like,
“uhm, I have no opinion, ok lor, like that lor”. It doesn’t even make sense, so obviously somebody
needs to have some opinions and speak them out and the opinions are either going to be
leading this side or that side. How is that going to be non-partisan. Erm, ok, so I have time for one last question. Anyone? Yes you. The guy with the man bun? Actually I’m a woman. Ohhhh… Ok, erm, so what’s your question? What is the most important takeaway that you’d
like to leave us with today? I guess the most important takeaway, don’t
forget to like, subscribe, hit that little bell icon so you get notifications every time
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you can get early access. Ok, that’s it for today, thank you guys, bye! Ok, so that’s all the time that Mdm. Cheng
has for today, if you have any further questions you can direct it to our email, so, I’m so
sorry guys.

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  3. Xiaxue!!! i love love love that you’re deciding to run because you’re giving a voice to a lot of younger generations who can voice them to you directly through the internet.

    Just one tip though, try to be more genuine with your responses- you want people to see that you’re there for THEM and there to benefit Singapore positively rather than for yourself. i’m really rooting for you and i hope you get voted in! ❤️❤️

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