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Yamaha R3 – Frame Sliders

September 18, 2019

you’re wondering how to put on frame
sliders onto a Yamaha r3 stick around guys frame sliders Yamaha r3 I got him
here today I’ll show you guys right here’s the frame sliders Shogun frame
sliders got these in actually I was I was putting them on already here’s the
end once these are a bit difficult you literally have to grab some pliers on
the old ones I’ll say with a rag so you want to go ahead scrape them go over it
clamp it down get your allen key in here and unscrew it and make sure you hold
this tight because that was pretty hard but now has these on so I’m gonna show
you guys start to put on the frame slider down here it’s gonna go in this
location until you some engine frame bolt the rear ones already have these
aftermarket ones I probably leave these on um I’ll think about it but uh I’ll
show you guys how to put on the frame slider for the Yamaha r3 open this up so
here’s my old ones you can see this one so messed up fuck this yeah come on you
see you’re so scratched up I’ll lay my bike last season if you guys want to
know more about it let me know I’ll make a separate video about it but today
frame sliders so these are the frame sliders no cut because I didn’t want to
cut the frame oh that’s great um fairings
as a kid we’ve got the hand ones hand grip ones up there I would put those on
the actual frame on the side by the engine and the rear so I’m good I’m
probably going to leave those on because I’m still gonna work on the bike I don’t
want to scratch these up these are please start Darin Darin so they’re
doable but I’m gonna work on the bike have this understand change the oil and
everything else but on a separate video but today that put these on when you
kill your frame slider Sonny and I got these from RevZilla they’re not sponsor
me or nothing for this video but a teaser really good company so if you get
these there’s gonna be two sliders you have to make sure to grab the right one
for the left or right side you can see the different cut so I’m gonna figure
that out right now so let’s see if this one goes on the left side because these
cuts are meant for the ferry so the sea goes on there then my work starts on the right but see
that cut and Michael there that looks even better
well let’s go check on the other side nope you can see it’s different so it’s
not gonna fit so this won’t be on the left side all right let’s get this done
then I’ll show you guys what tool you’re gonna need to do this to is gonna need
torque wrench blue loctite break the bar in your frame slider and you’re gonna
need your Allen socket this is a 8 millimeter the foot-pounds of torque that I know
this one is is 49 49 foot-pounds it’s if you’re gonna be working on your bike
make sure to invest into a service manual it’s pretty much essential if you
only has it torqued down perfectly if you don’t have the money for it
let’s find don’t worry buddy there’s the online our companies you can find pave
or a small fees just to have a small digital copy go from there but um I have
my own or my service manual all right guys let’s go let’s go do this alright
guys sorry about the noise so grab your breaker bar my adapter and the RL socket
so this one is gonna be on here tight make sure it’s on there securely there
we go so these already have thread lock on it you can clean them up I’ll show
you guys hold on there you go it came off already so so that’s pretty much the
stock bolt so kit comes with both ready you don’t have to reuse that so here’s the books washer saved up okey
let’s open this up the washer alright so now here’s the bolt just put this in
here there you go so there we go now I forgot one tool
you’re gonna need it an extension here’s my extension it’s hopefully people know
so you need an extension because of this go into it
oh yes perfectly perfect get this like that on just a little not too much because it’s
gonna spread out inside the engine block there so again these make sure it’s just
finger tight at first don’t stop poking them down it sure this
frame slider cut edge is body uh fairing is going in there is getting snug so now
make sure this is all set snug it down a bit more there you go
so now we’re gonna put this and she looks like I’m not gonna need the
extension no oh maybe yeah so now get your torque wrench that’s what you need to set set first so
this was gonna be 49 foot-pounds I’m tighten it are you doing
so now set it to 49 I’m going then now that’s a 42 43 so now we’re set so 49
here number 4 plus 4 49 make sure you all line it up and tighten the back there we go there’s no the one there you go
sit nice left side is so set everything aside and up and you can see that the
cut is perfectly on there so it’s not hitting so no set left sides on let’s go
to the right side now so now the right side the boat will be using well this
area will be using be this one don’t focus there you go all right let’s get
do this oh yes talk wrench not much break the bar very
seated seated on there perfectly so I won’t strip the head there we go if you
guys don’t have a breaker bar it’ll be harder to take these off I’ve learned
the hard way I try to do minor keys it was bending to help keys so if you
don’t have a breaker bar use a wrench with a pipe or something so I have
enough torque to watch it break things off our boat range slider here now what they
recommend to put a lock tight on these because over time vibration will unscrew
this and fall off my friend we went for Yellowstone a trip
Harris nearly fell off when we went through Yellowstone
it’s he lost it he ordered a new one but but he did not put no Loctite so make
sure you put a lock tight on this it’s empty
make sure it’s safe because you rather precautions and lose it and you fall you
don’t have friends liner then you have to buy a new one yeah this one’s going on a lot easier than
what all right this is all set in there good tight so now 49 foot-pounds of
torque make sure it’s on there about that’s okay you got to check that see
you guys if you don’t check get me through this not all the way you got to
check this they’re back out here there you go
be my check actually I’m gonna go to the other side and we do that one because I
want to reuse this washer before I start drawing now let’s get this off those good to make sure I can put
someone that separate you see you guys play catch
so I’ll give me the another extra cards for
the rental of match close it down again make sure you should
double-check the torque on this yep it’s all in one up a bit there you go guys and that’s how you put a frame slider to
yamaha r3 on these will be the same space back here if you wanted to if not
don’t have to Aniki back down here every bike should
have at least a connection for a stand right here so you could put a bolt right
through it or slider like this and you’ll pretty much you’re done
oh yeah there you go that’s put in a frame slider until llamó are three
simple if you have the tools really good like I said torque specs for that would
be good if you have a service manual it gives you every kind of torque spec you
need for bike it’s good to have you don’t want the over torque it then strip
it out and you have to go a whole whole line of trouble changing out the bolt
rethread in it but if you have the specs perfect I
I said frame starter it’s on bar and there on the rear set so I’ll leave them
on I could probably do a different video for the rear parts for our sliders but
uh that’s been watching well guys thank you for watching the video
it’s cold out here but uh thanks for watching have a good one

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  1. thank you for the indepth detail i was mainly looking for the torque setting i have the manual and it says nothing about torque settings i had to look online

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