You Have the Right to Remain Silent – California Bill Strengthens Miranda for Kids
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You Have the Right to Remain Silent – California Bill Strengthens Miranda for Kids

August 27, 2019

How you doing sir? Good how are you? Good good. Miranda rights were written to protect key constitutional rights. The right against self-incrimination, the right to an attorney You have the right to remain silent. But when a person doesn’t understand those rights, the rights have no meaning. Nowhere is this more evident than with children and youth in the
custody of law enforcement. Do you understand? Yes. He has a big heart. He was a sweet little boy, that said he would grow up to be a police officer one day. As far as I knew, my son was at school. So when I get a call from the station letting me know that my son was at the station, it kind of blew me away because I didn’t understand why he was even there. In California, the police can take a
child out of school without letting the parents know, and even if the child is
asking for a parent the police can decide not to contact the parent. Youth have the same constitutional rights during interrogations as adults do. The difference is, is that for many young people, these are like words without
meaning. Just “oh you have the right to remain silent,” “anything you say or will —will be held against you in the court of law,” okay what does that mean? What
does a 13 year old know of what that means? It’s not that all children don’t
understand their rights, they have less capacity to understand their rights. They need help and guidance. Young people may be scared to say they want a lawyer because they’re being asked tough questions by an officer who they see as a figure of authority, as an adult who they’ve been taught to respect. Right now you’re just a big fucking liar. A big, cold-blooded killer. Like I told you…How do you want, how are we gonna play this? You gonna tell me the truth? The decision about whether or not to give up your Miranda rights is a life-altering decision. When a child decides to speak to the police, he’s essentially exposing himself to being interrogated. The police can use psychologically coercive techniques with children. They can tell a child that they
have evidence against them even if they don’t. You know your mom was just telling me
about your three sisters. You know, she’s telling me about your dad, how he’s schizophrenic and… she was telling me about your problems. [Crying] While he was being interrogated they
threatened him a lot. They said a lot of mean hurtful things
about his father. We have found when young people are scared, they are alone, they don’t understand the process, they’re much more prone to make things
up. To say anything that they think will have the process end, or to have them go home. That night while he was being interrogated, they briefly allowed me to see my son. How are you junior? I’m gonna be straight up with you, I wasn’t there. They told me that if I don’t say that I
did it that they were gonna tell the judge that I’m a cold-blooded killer and I’m gonna get more time. So you said you did it? Yeah because they told me…they forced me to. I think it’s important for the process
for anyone, any child, under the age of 18 to be explained what their rights are
what Miranda Rights are. If passed, SB 1052 would ensure that
youth under the age of 18, would talk to an attorney to make sure that they understand their rights. To have a brief consultation with an attorney so that they understand when they are waiving their rights. I think does not impede the
process of an investigation. All this bill does is require police officers and courts to recognize that the person that they are interrogating is fundamentally different than adults are.

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  1. The first thing the police did was Apologize. The second they did was LEARNED from this mistake. Who are we kidding ?

  2. These cops prolly have kids too but rules don’t work against those cops apparently. Intimidation and scare tactics are just evil. I hope karma is real!

  3. Judges that are not biased should be the only ones that can sentence anyone to prison time. Especially a child. Apparently if u don’t have money or come from a rich family all the rules go out the window and they are considered disposable and trashed without any care and no lost sleep. What a country

  4. I dont get who thought it was a good idea to let cops have their way with children with no oversight by a parent, lawyer, or anyone, ridicoulous. Most adults dont stand a chance against police much less a child. Anyone under 18 should not be allowed to be questioned wihtout a parent and an attorney present, period. You can explain to a kid their right, but that doesnt mean they fully understand what they mean and what giving them up can mean. Having somone present is the only way to endure the police are not abusing the kids into confessions. we all know the police cant control themselves, someone needs to

  5. If the kid signs his rights away you would think simple contract law would in effect make the cotract signing their rights away null and void since those under the age of 18 can not legally enter into contracts.

  6. Woow, get a real job. It's not a real job when you have the right to mess with everybody anytime you want. Fucking with a kid is the lowest you can go.

  7. Asking for their parents should be taken the same as asking for a lawyer. Actually, no minor should ever be questioned without a lawyer present for them and with the parents having been notified.

  8. Those cops deserve three years, but nothing ever happens when an illegal action by them has been committed. Not saying I would, but if someone coerced one of mine to admit something they hadn't done and were jailed, people should be going missing. What they did is almost as bad as child molesters, they've stolen the innocence of a child and groomed him to be a criminal based on their needs to convict. Teach your kids about the other kind of abusers, cops.

  9. NOT THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM they have not got though high school yet to know their rights.. oh wait do they keep that after common core?

  10. Lock up the cops, the prosecutor the judge and the legistrators for 10 x the time the kid was in jail . What a shit assed legal system you have in the US. Joe Starlin would be proud of a system like the USA.

  11. This was nothing short of state sanctioned kidknapping. The detectives in this video know exactly what they are doing is wrong on every level and yet they continue . As a father who loves his kids more than life itself I say God help those who would ever mistreat my kids and cause them emotional physical harm because no law of this world would protect them from me

  12. All of those cops should be fired. I have been saying this since I was a little kid. If you're going to interrogate a kid their parents need to be there no matter what a cop wants.

  13. Reminds me of the central park 5 police did the same shit with them, a 40 million dollar mistake right from the tax payers pocket. The United States criminal justice system is a joke.

  14. The fall of morality in a nation is followed by its own fall. This is in 2016 now in 2018 we are witnessing its descend.

  15. I wouldt sue. I would see to it that every officer involved sucked their meals through a straw for the rest of their lives. Period. You take my child, I will make you wish you hadnt been born.

  16. This bill having the effect of simply making filing a petition with increased efficiency and provide a prosecutor with increase thrust; as it is only obvious to those who have experience with public defender’s who will tell you the truth that they have sworn an oath to uphold the animus which is to the court and the disposition in the interest of the child to all intents and purposes. They will never challenge the the D.A. and at best will negotiate a plea deal, there is allegience to the Bar and most are paid per case at $300-$400 and therefore the incentive to go to trial or make motions is never going to be feasable. This is simply leveraged public relations that the bar is baiting the public, whose confidence in judicial sytems are waning. I don’t think that those already set in their interrogation methodolgy will do much to adjust; juveniles facing capital charges are the only class who face lengthy “at the station” interrogations, all other offenders are handled by intake officers and administrative investigations made at juvenile detention facilities. Arresting agencies are not interested in status offenders and most cite and release or simply transport home or to a shelter with warnings. This bill will just increase the “nothing burger” statist indoctrinated internship program at the benefit of the bar, as well as members dues revenue.

  17. To be fair. We don't know if we actually committed the murder. The conviction was overruled due to the interrogation process not because innocence was proven.

  18. The police are our enemies. Read John Whitehead's A GOVERNMENT OF WOLVES: THE EMERGING AMERICAN POLICE STATE. The police in the U.S. are thugs with badges and guns and don't obey the law.

  19. Is this one of the reasons there is an increase of police homicides? Or is it something that has been occurring just not reported on MSM as in the past? It seems we hear about more officers being gunned down and families destroyed when a youth is sent to an adult facility with hardened criminals. The lessons learned are then brought back upon release back into society. I wonder just how this young boy who is probably an adult truly feels about the people's whos job it is "to serve and protect". Will they seek help or justice? Council or retaliation?


  21. You guys are not right we have rights not to be forced to be put in a coner fuck the police this is not the people's that have natural God giving Rights the statues and codes dont apply to a humen living being the bar association is nothing but part of a kangaroo court that is all about fraudulent documents thats not laws of the people we have rights not privliges we are not your sheeples to regulate that birth certificate is not the human it is a fictional you you was created by god not men in costumes acting out of law codes and statutes are not laws they are what they say they are.

  22. A stupid ass kid with a brain dead parent.Keep your legs closed women if you are too dumb to teach your kids.

  23. I was a fifth grader and Police in Midland TX framed me for breaking an entering and vandalism by telling me that if I didn't confess they were going to take me straight to Pecos (Texas Youth Commission). They said if I confessed they would just call my parents and let them take me home. They said my friends had already told them that I did what they were accusing me of. I ended up spending a year on Probation. My PO actually told me she knew I couldn't have done it. She was powerless to change my confession. Police are not your friends! Especially if you are young. Do not speak to them even if you have done nothing wrong! Especially if you have done nothing wrong. My experience has colored my life when it comes to authority. I am actually glad it happened when I was so young and my record would be sealed. I can only imagine if it had happened to me as an adult and had it ruin my life. So many people have had their lived ruined by these criminals.

  24. My d*m* face got hot by the end of that video. It crossed my mind of what would I do if it had been my son…a man shouldn't have evil revenge thoughts like I did.

  25. With all respect, I think the american law system is extremely tricky and dangerous. There are many innocent people shot dead by police, incarcerated or executed. In my opinion you deserve better. Greetings from Europe…

  26. and you'll know saitans minions by there works,,you'll know,fore they will rise up against their own kind.the trueth will become a lie,and lies will become the truth..your protectors will become the enemy,and the innocent shall become the persicuted…….
    they shall rise up against the entire world to control it,your leaders will become as foolish children and you'll be forced to serve lands where you will not know their language. these are signs sent by the almighty,yah vey(anciet hebrew for GOD—i am that i am)
    be prepared for the end times,fore they are upon us,,,,

  27. Children lied to and tricked into making false statements so they can be found guilty of crimes they didn't commit and lying idiot cops and 'law' officials can claim they're solving crime. Welcome to America.

  28. This is another example of bullying by the police. They behave without honour. It is no wonder that people do not respect the police.
    Regards, Geoff. Reeks

  29. Just another example of how police abuse their "power", especially with ppl of color. Now after that traumatic experience, how he was treated and spoken to, how is he supposed to just go on with his life and NOT have hate and mistrust of law enforcement ?!! Not to mention his family, friends, relatives and community ! Damn. I hope he has, or is recovering well from that experience. It could definitely hv a negative impact on his life.

  30. Cmon this is shit what the cops are doing to this kid now he will never get a job or achieve his dream because of these cops

  31. Parents need to undo the indoctrination about police being friendly and shit. If youre not the one that called the police to interact with them, then keep your mouth shut. Thats what im gonna telly kids, thats what u should tell yours.

  32. This goes to show there is no integrity with these so called law enforcement functionaries. Willing to lie, threaten, and intimidate, even children.
    Stay silent. Do not respond. Do not recognize thier presence. Do not give the animation of the uniform credence. Do not interact with those that do not have integrity.

  33. Cops are cops because they see a chance to bully anyone and I mean anyone they want when they want from young children to very old people in nursing homes! They are mentaly deficient.

  34. Anyone under the age of 18 should instantly have legal council when dealing with police.
    The police are not here to help us! They exist for one reason and one reason only, so that the government can maintain a stronghold over society!!!
    All police do is lie lie lie….

  35. Sue their asses! Such bastards doing that to a child. They verbally and mentally abused him, the police committed a serious crime to that child. An innocent lady was interrogated and charged with murder, even though her bf committed suicide. She sued them and got 1.2 million..Go for it!!

  36. Both of these cops should be ASHAMED of tearing this 13 yr old boy's life apart!!!!!!!

  37. With an average like and comment rate of 10% of the view count….. ya ever think that your thumbs are being hidden up a Google executive's ass?

  38. Only in America people. Legal,only in America people. Imagine if this was your child. IMAGINE IF IT WAS YOUR CHILD !!

  39. You know, just saying, it's put forth in a number interrogation videos by the interrogators, that if you look up, with your eyes, while responding, they look at you, immediately as lying or storytelling ( bullshitting). So if this guy's Mom had been the interrogated, they would, while in the process, as lying to them about anything they asked her. Whether she's recalling the moment, or speculating, or imagining how her kid's life could have gone different, she looks up, with her eyes quite a bit.
    It's common for people to look up when trying to think things thru, and also while bullshitting, in Anglo culture and Latino culture.
    Are they say when one enters a cop station it's time to play a game, which is supposed to be the reverse of what we're raised to think( when dealing with cops, be honest, they're there to help. At least that was part of my upbringing).
    The interview process says, it's reverse. It's do not be honest about anything, or behave like a sociopath. It's crazy.

  40. If he committed the crime that he committed the crime. But if you didn't commit the crime and they can prove it and prove the interrogation the way it went. That kid and his family are going to have a awful lot of money in a lawsuit against the state of California

  41. This is child abuse. This is taking advantage of a child. Taking advantage of a child’s trust, making them scared. This should be treated as child abuse. How are kids supposed to trust police?

  42. Good, kids are not crime free. I have dealt with a 14 year old charged with double homicide. I agree about contacting parents however detaining them initially is ok in my book

  43. I love how the liberal bleeding heart "rights" activists make it sound like little kids who are so innocent and know nothing about right and wri=ong are being interrogated by the cops. I got news for ya folks, these little shithead gangster wannabes are hardened thug assholes who sure as hell know how to get a gun, load it and shoot someone dead. Don'y buy into this shit that these are helpless innocent little kids. These liberal assholes make me sick.

  44. Son of a bitch cop already violated the kids right when he stepped into a closed room with a firearm, and intimidated the kid just by having the gun in the room with a closed door… The kid was in fear for his life as well…

  45. Traitors to constitution. No two ways about it. It's hard to defend someone's rights when you're busy violating them.
    Officers like the one in the video should be shot a traitors to thier oath. Examples should be made.

  46. What a piece of shit lazy cop. Instead of actually doing police work like searching for evidence and questioning people, he forces a "confession" out of a scared kid. Fuck that piece of shit cop. He's one of the reasons people hate cops…

  47. There’s no accountability in today’s generation anymore, “ I think a child under 18 should be explained what their rights are”. No you stupid bitch that’s YOUR responsibility to educate your children and yourself. Never help tyrants build a case against you. Never plead guilty, non guilty, or no contest in their court room that has no jurisdiction over you. Also never represent yourself as your straw man, and look into maritime admiralty law, natural/common law and it will all make so much sense on how Americans are being screwed over by the ruling class.

  48. Another prime example of a broken legal system in which we reside in, we need to use commonsense approaches to eliminate Violations of our civil rights.

  49. When I was in high school, I took a summer job working at a swimming pool. I had worked there for most of the summer when an event occurred much to my distress. When I told the woman that ran the pool I was resigning, she said that I couldn't quit because I signed a document that I would work all summer. I told her my signature meant nothing because I was a minor, so yes, I quit.

  50. This is infuriating, and its only legal in United States of the fucking America where people can do whatever they want…..

  51. Teach your children to ALWAYS keep repeating to the police, “I want my dad or mom here”!! Over and over until their parents are there. Say NOTHING else but just keep repeating it…… Also, show your kids what happened to this kid….. and how important it is to have an attorn y in his corner….

  52. Refuse if a police officer is asking you to come with them if they want to ask you some questions.
    Just say "I invoke the fifth".
    To plead the fifth means to refuse to answer a question, especially in a criminal trial, on the grounds that you might incriminate yourself.

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