Zungle Viper Vs. Bose Frames Review [2019]

September 25, 2019

– In today’s video I’m gonna ditch out my old sunglasses and get with the hype. On my left I have Zungle’s,
and on my right I have Bose. This is a new product
that Bose came up with that decided to take over the market with, but Zungle’s had done it before and today I’m gonna see
which one does a better job. Let’s get started. (lighthearted music) Before we start this video, I wanna thank Zungle’s
for sponsoring this video. Althogh they sponsored this video, but everything that I’m
gonna say is my opinion and what I think of the product. So let’s get started. So as you know Bose has
been around for a long time, and there is no introduction
for ’em because you probably have heard their name somewhere somehow. But when it comes to glasses,
this is their first attempt. So I’m interested to see
what they have to offer versus Zongle, they
actually started in 2016. Back in 2016, that was when
the company was created and their main focus from the beginning was this right here, the
Zungle’s, the glasses that transforms everything
that is in the market. More so, I’m interested to
see what’s the difference between these two. I already un-boxed one of these, and I know they’re great product. So, but this is my first
time getting my hands on the Bose frames, so it’s interesting to see
what they have in common, what’s different between them, and if you are in the
market for one of them, which one you should choose. First of all, let’s get
inside the packaging. I know that this is a
very classy packaging, and I like it versus Zungle
has this kind of plastic mesh on top of it, but
where it gets interesting with this sunglasses with their packaging is once you open it. And this is quite different
than everything else, but let’s look at the packaging. This is what you get when
you order your Zungle’s. You have all the information right here, you have the Zungle Viper’s in the back. When you open it you
are greeted with this, and I have to say in terms of packaging this is pretty stunning. I love their packaging, I
love the way that they do it. It feels very unique. I mean where do you see
a packaging like this? This is really nice. Versus what you get from
Bose is very standard, pretty normal with every Bose accessory, this is just regular packaging. I have to say it’s nice, I’m not gonna deny it. I like the actual ergonomic shape of it, so in terms of packaging
I’m gonna give them both 10 out of 10 for style. I give 10 to Zungle’s
because of their innovation with their way of packaging, and I’ll give Bose 10
also because of how simple and elegant it is right off the bat. And with Bose you get
the frame right in here, you can see all about this. And on the back of it, you see couple of information about the actual product itself. So right on the Bose we
have a really simple elegant way to open it which is just
this little tabs right here that you kind of just pull out. That’s it, and then you go to
the other side, and you simply rip ’em away just like that. This is pretty cool, I
have to say the unboxing is pretty cool when it comes to Bose. And wow, this is what we get. Now nothing on the top, I really like this case for the glass, this is really really nice. Now in the bottom we have
again, the Bose user manual just like this. This is very nice, now my focus, yes, this is quite interesting. And inside of here in
this beautifully packaged envelope we get the Bose user manual, how to connect it and all it’s glory. And again, it’s fully
compatible with IOS and Android which is pretty nice. Although most items are
compatible with IOS and Android nowadays, but this is amazing. I mean look at this case,
this case is awesome. So we’re gonna put this aside and we’re gonna go to Zungle’s. I am gonna take this out, and this is an interesting packaging. Like again this is the packaging, and we’re gonna open it. Alright, in terms of, I have to say in terms of presentation Bose gets a 10 out of 10 again because of the actual case that they have versus Zungle’s, I love you but I wish you would
include a case with this. So I’m gonna give you five out of 10, and then only reason I’m gonna give a five is that because of the main packaging. This is what we have with Zungle’s, look at this glass. This is pretty cool, oh
my God it actually feels really really nice, it
feels really premium, it feels solid, well-built, and I like it so I’m gonna
put this aside right here. And let me bring the
table up a little bit. So okay, so we’re gonna
put this right here. Again this is really cool, I like it. And now we’re gonna go to the Bose, and then we’re gonna open it up and see what we have inside. So we have a little pouch, and we have the glasses right here. Before we get to the glass, let’s look at the actual packaging. This is the Bose frame. And this is the actual frame for the Bose, now this is really nice. Again, it’s a really nice design. This is the large option, they have a medium/small version, and then the large version. So this is it comparing
’em side by side, and in terms of actual shape
and the look of it, I think they both get 10 out of 10. Now again, this depends on your style. But Bose’s frame, the actual
lens is not changeable so you cannot change the lens if whatever you get, you’re stuck with it and that’s it. Versus Zungle’s you could actually change the lens on top of it, and
make it whatever you like. So in this category, I’m gonna
give Zungle’s 10 out of 10 versus Bose, zero, no point. You don’t get no point. Okay so let’s put ’em on,
and this is how it looks. This looks really nice, I like it that it covers my whole face, and it’s nice, I like it. But I have to say it doesn’t
feel that comfortable right here because it’s
like putting too much pressure on my ears. So not a big fan of it, and it’s telling me ready to connect, do you hear that? So it’s actually woke up, so it’s telling me ready to connect. And let’s put the Zungle’s
wiper on right now. In terms of the quality of lens, I have to give ’em both 10 out of 10 because the quality of the
lens is actually really good. This is trying to connect,
so it’s telling me ready to connect over and over. But in terms of the actual frame, I feel that the Zungle’s wipers are more stuck to my face versus the Bose. See, not coming out at all. So if you’re on a ride or somewhere, and you’re trying to use whatever this might come off because I feel that, I feel it’s not really secure and it’s just, with one
finger it’s coming down. Now this might good for some people, but for me myself, I want
something that is actually is attached to my face. I personally want something I can rely on. I know that it’s not
gonna come out of my face. This is like putting the same pressure on, it’s not coming out, it actually requires both
of my hand to pull it out. So in terms of this,
I’m gonna give Zungle’s 10 out of 10, Bose seven out of 10 because it sits nice, I like the frame, and it’s really light but it
just comes out too easily. Now in terms of weight, the
Zungle’s is really heavy versus Bose is very light,
and that comes to preference. We can’t really rate that, some
people like like sunglasses, some people like it heavy. Personally I like it light, so I’m gonna go with Bose
on the lightness of it. I’m okay with it
personally, but then again that comes to preference of what you like. Now in terms of the actual sunglasses, like if you kind of wiggle them that’s pretty loose versus Zungle’s that’s really loose. Now again, this is something that it’s, especially with the Zungle’s you can’t really change this. We can’t really, like
in the actual glasses, there are screws that you can tighten. And depending on what you like, you could make ’em like don’t move, personally this is what I like. I like ’em to be kind of tight. In Zungle Viper’s there
is no actual screws that you can tighten and fasten, so this what you get. In the Bose, you have
the option of tightening these to make ’em like
stand a little bit firmer if you like, if you desire. Bose 10 out of 10,
Zungle’s eight out of 10 on the actual frame’s structure. Bose is too fat right here, and it just kinda sticks out, but it’s not that bad, that noticeable versus Zungle’s is kind of straight. So it goes back, now personally
although I don’t find this a little odd, or I don’t find it weird, but I prefer the flatness of the Zungle’s. So I’m gonan give Zungle’s
10 out of 10 in this category versus Bose I’m gonna
give ’em four out of 10 because it’s a little weird, and I had people comment
that this is too much. So based on other people’s
view and perspectives, especially my wife, she
thinks this is a little weird that it sticks out this much. It’s just nicer when it’s more dense, and when it’s more solid. And it’s straight, goes back. Now in terms of the frame, one more thing that I wanna mention before moving on with the audio quality. The Bose frame is actually really nice, but see two of my finger
actually goes inside of the frame without any problem, so there is a big gap right here. To me, I don’t find it problematic but if you’re a person and
you’re trying to protect your eyes, that’s too
much UVs getting inside, getting through your eyes. Versus Zungle’s when you put it on, two of your finger actually
kind of goes in there, but it pushes this to the side, it’s not as easy as the Bose frame. So this is more snug to your face, it kind of just sits inside of your face. That again comes in, that again another reason for it is that because this is really loose, so it comes out. So in this category, I
give Zungle’s 10 out of 10, Bose nine out of 10,
not that big of a deal. Another factor is that
Zungle’s actual tail, this part is longer than the Bose, and again this is minor, I’m just bringing up excuses, but I like the shorter end. So since it’s not that
much of a difference, nine out of 10, 10 out of 10, yeah this is it. So let’s connect them, and
let’s see what they sound like. Now with the Bose, you
have to connect them over the Bose app. So you have to have the Bose Connect app. Simply go to Bose Connect, let it load up, do it’s thing, might take a little time. And we’re gonna go to My Bose, connect it, we are connected. Let’s play something. (pop music) Okay, I have to say the
sound is really good, it’s not too loud, but it’s good. But one thing that I feel is that the sound is too loud, so everybody’s hearing it. So the way that it works with the Bose is that it has one speaker
in the bottom right here, one speaker right here,
and one speaker right here. As well as another speaker right here, and it just plays the
music right here for you, and then you’re able to hear it. Again, sounds really good but it’s not through your bone, it’s just two small speakers right here that amplifies the music. This is nice, I like it. (pop music) So it’s good, it’s just
that do you wanna listen to your music while you’re in the train, and then have everybody else listen to it? Even in the lowest setting,
people around you can hear it. So I’m gonna turn it
to the lowest setting, and listen to this. So you still can hear it around you. So this is the Bose, so now
let’s connect the Zungle’s. Okay, sounds really good and again you could still hear it, but when I put it on it’s much louder. (pop music) You could hear it when
you take it off, but I have to say when it’s on, it sounds much louder because
of this bone conductive sensors right here that just
sit inside of your right here, and then it makes you hear it much better. Not bad, this is really nice, but let’s turn it down
like we did with the Bose. Nothing, so you don’t hear it at all when you take it off, but when you have it on you hear it, but if you take it up to the max, it’s pretty obvious. So couple of steps that we skipped, let’s go over it. First of all ease of connectivity, I’m gonna give Bose 10
out of 10 because it works seamlessly with their app, and it was just really easy to connect. Versus the Zungle’s it took me a little time to connect them, but when you get it
connected for first time after it’s connected it’s just easy, just turn ’em on, automatically it just turns up and connects to your phone after that. Versus Bose, sometimes
you have to go to app, sometimes it just works without it. So in terms of connectivity, I’m gonna give Bose 10 out of 10, Zungle’s nine out of 10. Now again, this is subjective because with those Bose, sometimes you have to go to the app, I had this issue with
my other Bose product that I had to go to the app, and make sure that it’s connected sometimes it just doesn’t get connected. Same thing happens with the Zungle’s, sometimes it’s just the
Bluetooth doesn’t pair up. But since the first time
that I got my Zungle’s after it connected them first, I never had any problem. I wish they had their own dedicated app that you could go tweak
stuff, but good enough. Now when it comes to audio, I give Bose 10 out of 10
when it comes to audio, it sounded amazing. Zungle’s, I give ’em nine out of 10, and that was because it was really good, it was really crisp, but Bose had a base, they had the base covered. Versus Zungle the base was a little iffy, but the base was good still. So nine out of 10, 10 out of 10. In terms of the sound and what other people hear around you, I give Bose three out of 10 because at the lowest
setting people could hear it, and I give Zungle’s nine
out of 10 in this category, and this is simply because
this has bone conductive sunglasses, this is just
not your regular speakers it just put right here, and
they want you to listen to music just with the speakers right here. So completely different technology, completely separate, they have nothing to do in
terms of that technology to, they have nothing to do with each other. This is what I think of the sound because sometimes I wanna
listen to something, and I don’t want other people to hear it especially when I’m in the train and I’m trying to listen to podcast, or listen to music, maybe I don’t want everybody else to know
what I’m listening to, it’s just my thing. Now in terms of charging Bose comes with this really nice cable. First of all, the quality of cable I’m gonna give ’em 10 out of 10. Now with the cables, with the Zungle’s I’m gonna give ’em six
out of 10 even though the cable is nice, it doesn’t
feels as premium as Bose. Look they have this
gold plating right here, versus Zungle’s it’s just regular plating. And this is just more, this is just more ergonomically
correct in the Bose. Now one thing that I
give Bose 10 out of 10 is that when you connect this, in order to charge it there
is only one connection, and that’s magnetic. You just put it right here, and it just gets connected,
and you could charge it up. This is fantastic, really
easy, 10 out of 10. Versus Zungle’s, this is just
like their previous version. You gotta take this, put it
inside, make sure it’s tucked in there, put this
inside in the other one, plug it in, and then get it charged with. Personally, what I like is the Zungle’s because if I’m wearing
this, I wear glasses. And when I wear glasses
I like to see better, so with this I’m able to
use my actual sunglass, my actual glasses in there, and if I don’t like the
lens I can change it versus those Bose if
you don’t like the lens, don’t buy the Bose. And yeah, personally I like ’em both. What do you think of it? What do you like about ’em? So in the description below, I have the link to my website which I compare ’em
deeply, and I go inside and go through what I think of them. Let me know what you think of it, and let me know which
one would you choose. And I’ll just pick one of the comments from my website, or from
the video description below leave a comment, and I’ll
send whatever you want to you, and I’ll let you try it yourself and see if you like it or not. As always thank you for watching, again thanks again Zungle’s
for sponsoring this video, it’s because of you guys
that support this channel that I’m able to post videos, and I’m able to do what I do. I appreciate it, and I
hope to check you guys on the next one. (lighthearted music)

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