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  1. Thank you Lambo! Awesome video ! I will try to grow some additional fingers on the left hand to control those late game armies ^^ good lack for WCS Spring

  2. Diamond here. So far I'm trying to deal against cyclones with the fungals in addition to my hydra-ling-bane composition. Is this a bad idea and I should look towards the Vipers?

  3. Amazing vid! I have a galaxybrain tip for all the grid-players. Since reaching controlgroup 6 vor 7 is super uncomfortable with this setup u can lay the controlgroup 0 key on any empty slot on ur Keyboard so u habe an aditional reachable control group for harassement units or Infestors.

  4. I know there are better SC2 players than Lambo, but hell he knows how to teach! I've learned more from this guy than from anyone else. Thank you so much Lambo.

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